Procurement Management

As an increasing number of CEOs hold “cost reduction’ as a key strategic initiative globally, smarter procurement practices are playing a critical role to help organizations achieve immediate savings. At the same time, department heads are taking a more disciplined and data-driven approach to how they spend. Innovative online systems like cloud software and managed services platforms are taking the place of more traditional procurement models, streamlining business processes virtually overnight.

With one of the largest, most accomplished procurement consulting teams in the world, HEMPAWA CONSULT helps enterprise procurement groups achieve more efficient, more effective operations, with greater reach, improved performance and increased impact. Like you, we measure this success in real terms – not in the number of report pages, nor in the potential value of recommendations, but by the actual savings we deliver and help sustain over time.

From assessment through program design to execution, from strategy through implementation to continual improvement, we’re with you all the way, delivering accelerated outcomes that delight both you and your team. HEMPAWA CONSULT is a recognized leader in procurement transformation, enabling clients to develop the methods and means to gain sustainable, continually improving results, in collaboration with suppliers and internal stakeholders.

In addition to the immediate cost savings, companies benefit from a higher standard of quality, more efficient processes, customizable payment options and access to a global network of Enterprise service providers. Providing unprecedented choice, value and control in a single platform. Speak with one of our Consultants to calculate your potential savings.

As a Procurement Management Consulting Firm, we specialize in the provision of Premium Identification and Security Solutions for managing FIXED ASSET in organizations. Our Fixed Asset Tag/Labels permanently and visibly secure your fixed assets and enable you to

  • Give your fixed asset visual protection and security.
  • Keep track of your valuable asset with ease.
  • Identify, recover missing asset and discourage fraud.
  • Prevent theft and misplacement of your valuable asset.
  • Enhance your brand by exploring our customizable features on company name, logo, color, preferred asset classification code and others.
  • Integrate your fixed asset inventory into an automated fixed assets management system.

Our asset tag can be used to secure with confidence a wide range of fixed asset such as computer equipment, office equipment, motor vehicles, furniture & fittings, electronic equipment, heavy duty equipment, plant and machinery, manufacturing equipment and commercial materials.

Also, we offer a robust and user-friendly Fixed Asset Management Software with customizable fields, features and functionality. Our Fixed Asset Management Software captures and reports your fixed asset based on location, history, future tasks, departments, status or any other options you may require with secured access to your data anywhere and anytime.

Embracing this global best practice in fixed asset management would in no small measure aid

  • Depreciation calculation
  • Asset budgeting
  • Disposal management and reporting
  • Asset lifecycle management
  • Audit trail
  • Barcode scanning
  • Data import and export
  • Inventory tracking and reconciliation
  • Fixed assets theft and misplacement eradication
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Vendor Management

Our Vendor Management Services (VMS) in Hempawa Consult will help you put in place consistent measurement for all your suppliers and sub-contractors to ensure that your business receives good value in terms of services and cost. Our Vendor Management Metrics and Measurement involves:

  • Market Rate Pricing
  • Prompt & Accurate Billings
  • Contract Consolidation
  • Streamlined Delivery of Services
  • Corporate & Regulatory Compliance
  • Risk & Opportunity Assessment
  • Procurement Transformation
  • Strategic Sourcing
  • Market Intelligence

Inventory Management

Inventory management is an integral part of a successful business. Inventories typically consist of goods, raw materials and finished products. Each of these elements translates into money for the business owner. The key to profitability is a carefully balanced inventory. Balanced inventory are important because many business rely on its stocks of items to make a profit. Stockpiles that never move from the shelves do little good for the company. A proper balance is of upmost importance.

In Hempawa Consult, we help you set up an effective inventory management system, eliminating the out-of-stock scenario, establishing a re-order level of your stock, reducing storage cost and ultimately generating a balanced budget informed by an effective inventory management system.