Human Capital Management

The Employee Pool is more diverse and dispersed than ever before. The Average HR Shelf Life Expectancy of Talent is seemingly reducing with lateral shifts at the drop of a hat. The Entrepreneurial Euphoria is Viral and today’s Talent is hardly looking at Career Ladders anymore, thanks to myopic need hierarchies. People Service Providers need to step up gears and achieve non-linear growth milestones by evolving into Able, Strategic, Compliant and Transformational Business Constituents of their Clients and nurture Agile, Pulsating Workforce Ecosystems through effective Scenario Management and Change seeder behaviors.

HEMPAWA CONSULT steps in to augment business success with RIGHT TALENTING OF HUMAN CAPITAL IN TECHNICAL, FUNCTIONAL AND LEADERSHIP STREAMS ACROSS BUSINESS VERTICALS AND GEOGRAPHIES. We offer Human Capital Management services through a Comprehensive One Stop Talent Management Solution from Recruitment to Retirement either through in house or cloud based or through specialized management services.

The world of human capital is transforming, and HEMPAWA CONSULT has been helping clients manage this evolution. Business leaders look to Human Resources (HR) to address human capital management issues like the fight for talent, global expansion, and the dynamics of an aging workforce. HR organizations have to be nimble and proactive to meet these expectations—HR leaders, who can bring creative, leading-edge solutions, while balancing business-specific requirements, will be valued contributors to the executive suite.

Human capital management has been a core specialty at HEMPAWA CONSULT since our inception. As such, we have a dedicated human capital practice. Our recognized experts consult across geographies and industries. We offer


It is this results-oriented focus that has earned us the trust and confidence of our clients and helped expand our business beyond the energy industry to include clients in entertainment, pharmaceuticals/healthcare, manufacturing, high tech/communications, the federal government, and many other industries.

Regardless of the nature of your HR Project, we take pride in consistently delivering an exceptional consulting experience that addresses the unique challenges of each client. We achieve this by working alongside our clients through small, hands-on consulting teams, insisting on active collaboration, all to facilitate an open exchange of ideas. We hold ourselves to high standards through a belief that client success is the best measure of our own success.

Meet with HEMPAWA CONSULT, and meet the future with confidence.

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