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Super - Durable Tamper Evident Asset Tags
Whether you are a small business owner, a decision maker in a large corporation with lots of assets and equipment, it is an excellent idea to consider using tags to keep track of your assets

Asset tags along with a well-maintained database will help you to handle all your valuable assets. These labels can be used on items such as hand held electronic devices, tools, protection, fire extinguishers, electrical appliances, machinery, manufacturing equipment and many such commercial materials.

Classes of Assets and Equipment our Tags could Track
  • Computers, electronics and medical equipment
  • Office Furniture
  • Infractructural and fixed machinery
  • Construction Machinery and vehicles
  • Tools

What Are Asset Tags?
Basically, asset tags are label or nameplates that are used for identifying and tracking the assets of your company. They are made of plastic, polyester or metal. They can have a unique barcode and can be custom made with your company information or logo. They are weather proof, durable and can be made to prevent removal through cleaning, it should be impossible to take off and put in another.

Use Our Asset Tags To
  • Keep track of your company's valuable assets with peace of mind
  • Monitor and maintain an inventory of your assets and equipment
  • Track with ease; missing assets and equipment iand discourage fraud.
  • Prevent theft and misplacement of your valuable assets
  • File your insurance claim with ease
  • Identify owned asets easily and quickly with usual inspection.
  • Enhance your company's brand

Our Performance Guarantee
We guarantee our tags will fully meet your expectations. Hempawa Asset Tag utilizes only the highest quality materials. The superior quality construction of these tags ensures lasting performance and complete satisfaction.

Superior Durability
Identify and protect your assets in any extreme environment. Exposure to chemicals, abrasion, vandalism, harsh weather and sunlight are just a few of the conditions your asset tags must endure. Hempawa Asset Tags handles the toughest situations and last the life of your equipment. Our tags provide the ultimate performance and an excellent economical choice.

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